"From the moment you walk through the door, Rhonda greets you with a smile and has you only fill out 1-2 sheets; so much better than the usual 3-5 pages at other practices. Once you get into your dental chair, Agata takes your 4 x-rays and has you review and fill out any medical history on the computer screen so there's no more paper generated. Once your x-rays are done, Dr. Koh introduces herself and begins the pain-free dental exam. She's nice, sweet, and thorough! She knew that I only had 2-3 cavities in my lifetime and thankfully no mouth cancer. They give you a pair of orange colored glasses to wear and they use a bright fluorescent light device to scan your mouth for cancer.

Once your exam is done, Dr. Koh performs your dental cleaning personally with Agata's assistance. She makes the cleaning process pain-free and your mouth feels so clean when she's done.

During my cleaning, Dr. Koh asked if I recently changed my mouthwash/toothpaste and I did. She told me that the recent change may have caused more build-up and that I probably should switch back; now that's what I call "attention to detail!"

Found my dentist and don't have to look any further ;D" - Randy


"I took my daughters to Dr. Koh. My daughters absolutely hate to go to the dentist. Our pediatric dentist moved far from our house and I was looking for a reliable and great dentist. Ms. Rhonda helped me to answer many questions. She made sure I was comfortable with my decision to bring my daughters. I learned that all of the staff including hygienist are with Dr. Koh for a long time. That was a big deal to me because it told me they had a great team. They really were. My very strong willed younger daughter was able to extract two teeth with no pain. She was dramatic but eventually with patience from Dr. Koh and Ms. Rhonda, she did it! I highly recommend this dental office for those who have children. If we can find a great family dentist, why do I want to pay a lot of money to the specialist such as pediatric dentist?" - Yuko


"I just came in here the other day as a new patient and was blown away by how great this place is. I've been putting off finding a new dentist after I moved until I received 2 mail advertisements for dentists in the area on the same day. One was Parkside Dental in Des Plaines and the other was Purely Smiles. I ended up calling Parkside first because it was a little closer to my house. To put it short, the receptionist who answered the phone was plain rude and didn't understand that some people have actual jobs and didn't get why I couldn't accept a 10 AM appointment on a Wednesday.

I then hung up and immediately called Purely Smiles. Rhonda, the receptionist, was fantastic and got me in right away. She even called me back a few days later because a time that I originally wanted became available. I've never had a receptionist be so personable. Elizabeth, the dental assistant, is very knowledgeable and explains everything she is going to do to your mouth before she does it. Lastly, Dr. Koh is extremely kind and clearly knows what she's doing. Hands down the best dentist office I've ever been to. I'd give more than 5 stars if it was an option!" - Stephanie


"Great dentist! I've been going to Dr. Koh for years. She is very knowledgeable and has a wide range of services. I had a permanent retainer put in my previous (and inept) dentist and she managed to take it out and replace it with a regular old one. Plus Rhonda the receptionist and office manager always remembers my name even when I've haven't been in months! Friendly and reliable! Would recommend to anyone!" - Albert